BG Driveline Service

The driveline transfers power from the transmission to the wheels that ultimately move the vehicle down the road. A BG Driveline Service protects all the crucial parts you can’t see: the transmission, differential, driveshaft, axles, CV joints, and flywheel.


Why do I need to maintain my driveline?

Much like engine oil over time and miles, the lubricant (or gear oil) in your driveline can break down and become contaminated with debris. Without the protection of lubrication, the friction and grinding of gear components in the driveline can lead to serious and expensive repairs.

What is a BG Driveline Service?

A professional piece of equipment removes used gear oil and replaces it with new, high-quality BG gear lubricant and conditioners.

This service gives you:

  • Smoother, quieter operation
  • Long-term driveline system protection
  • Parts coverage with the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®

How do I know the BG Driveline Service works?

Dirty bearing before BG Service
Dirty bearing before BG Service
Clean bearing after BG Service
Clean bearing after BG Service

The BG Driveline Service is covered by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®!

What is covered:

  • Lubricated parts within the differential housing, transfer case, and transmission case.

Learn more and see if your vehicle qualifies for coverage.

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