BG Headlight Restoration Service

Are your car headlights so foggy that they don’t adequately light up the roadway when driving at night? The BG Headlight Restoration Service removes the discolored UV layer, cleans the lens, and adds a new UV layer that keeps headlights cleaner, longer.

Why is it important to have clean headlights?

Good visibility is essential to driving. When headlights turn cloudy and yellow, it’s primarily caused by the deterioration of the UV layer. The oxidation of this protective layer can make the headlight appear hazy and reduce light output by more than 75%, which affects the safety of the driver and, ultimately, the resale value of the vehicle.

How does the BG Headlight Service work?

If your headlights are starting to get dull, visit your local BG Shop and ask for the BG Headlight Restoration Service. This service removes scratches and discoloration and includes a new, long-lasting protective UV layer.

This service gives you:

  • Brighter headlights
  • Better visibility, especially at night
  • Clear lenses

How do I know the BG Headlight Restoration Service works?

Before BG Headlight Service
After BG Headlight Service

“Thank you, BG, for allowing me to see the light.”

Christopher Bridgewater, CT (read more)

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