BG Hybrid Performance Service

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) are powered by an electrical motor and an internal combustion engine. Battery power reduces combustion engine use when it is not needed, like when idling at a stoplight. While ultra fuel efficient, these vehicles need performance boosting services too!


Why is it important to maintain your hybrid vehicle?

Since the gasoline engine doesn’t run as often, it doesn’t need as much attention, right? Wrong. The stop/start cycling and heat cycling of combustion engines in HEVs can actually accelerate conditions such as reduced fuel economy, loss of power, and poor throttle response.

These problems can be prevented with regular maintenance of your HEV engine.

What is the BG Hybrid Performance Service?

A trained automotive professional will use a high-powered cleaner in your fuel system to remove deposits from the top of your engine. Then a potent cleaner is used to dissolve and emulsify deposits to be drained with worn out engine oil.

A high quality oil supplement is added to new engine oil to prevent oil degradation and thickening under even the most severe driving conditions.

More Hybrid Vehicle Services

While hybrid systems are different from that of gasoline engines, the maintenance of all other systems is the same.

The BG Hybrid Performance Service is covered by the Lifetime BG Protection® Plan!

What is covered:


  • Pistons & rings
  • Wrist pins & bushings
  • Rods & rod bearings
  • Camshafts & bearing
  • Pushrods
  • Intake valves & guide
  • Turbo bearings
  • Valve lifters

  • Timing chains
  • Rocker arms & pivots
  • Oil pump
  • Timing gears or sprockets
  • Distributor drive gear
  • Crankshaft & bearing
  • Cylinder liners or bores


  • Oxygen sensors
  • PCV
  • MAF Sensor
    (only if BG 407 is used)
  • Injectors
    (deposit related malfunctions only)

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