BG Transmission Service

An automotive transmission harnesses the energy created by the engine and provides the right amount of power to the wheels at a given speed. If the transmission suffers, you will notice. The BG Transmission Service will keep you shifting smoothly.


Is a transmission service necessary?

When transmission fluid breaks down, deposits build and parts corrode. This results in the accumulation of carbon deposits and metal shavings in the torque converter (like a clutch in a manual transmission, but it uses fluid to transfer power from the engine to the transmission).

Those deposits can clog the narrow passages within the transmission. The restricted fluid flow prevents adequate cooling and lubrication of vital transmission parts, which leads to more heat, more friction, and more damage to the transmission.

What is included in a BG Transmission Service?

First, the BG Transmission Service removes and dissolves baked-on deposits from the transmission components.

Then, a professional technician removes the old fluid, carbon deposits, and metal shavings and installs long-lasting BG transmission fluid with a protective conditioner.

How do I know the BG Transmission Service works?

Transmission valve body spool before BG Transmission Service

Transmission valve body spool after BG Transmission Service

“Shifts like it did when it was new!”

Wray Hebert, Grapevine, TX (read more)

The BG Transmission Service is covered by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®.

What is covered:

  • Transmission components—lubricated parts within the transmission housing or case only when damaged by an internally lubricated part.

Coverage for CVT

What is covered:

  • Transmission components—lubricated parts within the transmission.

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