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Absolutely! Our Research & Development Lab, Manufacturing Plants, and Quality Control Labs focus on quality from inception to production to distribution. Find out more on our About page.

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BG products are professional-use only and require the knowledge of specially trained technicians to perform services. BG Products, Inc., sells to a close-knit network of independent distributors, each responsible for a territory comprised of dealerships, independent shops and franchises.

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BG products are high quality automotive maintenance products and services for fuel systems, engines, transmissions, brakes, power steering, cooling, battery, driveline and climate control systems. BG Products, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring outstanding service and results-oriented training and in continually bringing new, customer-driven technologies and service solutions to the market to help our customers succeed.

In 1971, seven automotive industry entrepreneurs shared the common goal and vision of selling superior quality automotive products. The founders include six veterans—John Thompson, Sam Parks, Don Walton, O.J. Connell, Q.T. Williams, and Don Broadbent—and a land speed record holder, Roy Leslie.

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The term “flush” is not an adequate description of our service process. The BG Engine Performance Service is a 3-part deep cleaning of your engine.

The service begins with a product that is added to existing contaminated oil. It loosens and dissolves deposits which are drained with the old oil. New oil and high quality conditioners are added to reliably lubricate and protect vital engine components and extend engine life. Finally, detergents are added to your fuel system to remove harmful deposits. This service restores performance and fuel efficiency, ultimately saving you money in repairs and at the pump!

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