BG Battery Service

The battery provides electrical energy to engage the engine’s starter, which turns the motor. The battery also supplies electricity to the spark plugs, which starts the combustion process. Without those things happening, your car won’t be going anywhere. Protect your car battery with the BG Battery Service.


Does corrosion affect my car battery?

When a car battery is not recharging fully or is overcharging, white crystals (corrosion) can build up on terminals and cables. In addition, the copper used in battery cables can get wet and react with the lead battery posts, which creates a green substance.

All of these contaminants can drain a car battery, robbing the vehicle of the electricity needed to function properly and possibly leave you wondering, “Why won’t my car start?”

How does the BG Battery Service protect my car’s electrical system?

Our car battery service cleans and seals battery terminals, cables, and battery case. This simple battery maintenance service can improve the life of the battery in your vehicle.

Results of the BG Battery Service:

  • Corrosion prevention
  • Peak electrical system performance
  • Longer battery life
  • Safer, more-reliable vehicle operation (even in cold weather)

If it’s too late and you need to jump-start your vehicle due to a dead battery, watch this video to learn how.

Check out the transformation after a BG Battery Service

The BG Battery Service cleans the posts of your battery. This type of corrosion can eat away at the connections, which could cause poor battery performance or battery failure.

Before BG Battery Service
Before BG Battery Service
After BG Battery Service
After BG Battery Service

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