I have a mix of both gas and diesel engines in the stable. I first learned of BG products through word of mouth. After my Cummins in my Ram 2500 started to act sluggish, I pulled the trigger and ordered my first bottle of BG 244® in September of 2015. 

Skeptical I was, but I knew it was a lot less expensive than a fuel injector service at the local shop. Wow! That first bottle made me a customer for life! My next oil change is coming due for my Cummins (100K miles), and I plan to use BG EPR® and BG DOC®.

I tell everybody “Before you go to the shop, try the BG 44K® (or BG 245® Premium Diesel Fuel System Cleaner).” All my gas engines get BG 44K® on a regular basis now as part of general maintenance. In fact, I just ordered the newest BG 44K® for my daughter at college for her 2017 Kia Sportage, and I have a spare in my garage ready for the next engine that needs it. BG, thank you for making real products that works! 6 Stars for BG!

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