Last year I bought a used Ford F150 (2014), and I looked online for options to do an engine clean and A/C clean. Many recommended BG, so I gave it a try. The technician recommended air intake cleaning and injection fuel system cleaning since it’s an aftermarket car, and I asked for BG Frigi-Clean®. The first thing that impressed me was that the technician was aware that this model of F150 has no A/C air filter. He knew how to deal with this issue. 

Then he continued to clean the throttle and did the job brilliantly. He explained what he was doing and at the end of the process explained why there was some smoke coming out of the car after the treatment.

Finally, he loaded the injection cleaning product and explained what I needed to do before the next tank of fuel. The car smelled like a sea breeze for several weeks after the BG Frigi-Clean had been installed, and I had no problem with the A/C that summer. 

I used my car to drive to work weekly (300 km) besides the usual city trips and the occasional off-roading and have had no problems so far. I will certainly use these products annually, and I will write another review after that.

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