How to Qualify for the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®

I often get asked: Can I change my own oil and still qualify for the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®?

The short answer, unfortunately, is no. But here’s why: 

BG products are for professional use.

That’s why the Lifetime BG Protection Plan® only covers an oil change…

  • performed by a professional technician,
  • at a licensed service center,
  • using an approved BG maintenance procedure,
  • with proper BG products and equipment.  

For those who prefer to perform all their own automotive maintenance, this could be frustrating. Most people are more than capable of changing their own oil; however, there are specific handling instructions and exclusive training our shops receive as part of the BG program. 

But, you’re in luck. Qualifying for protection is easy!

How to qualify:

Get a BG service.

Vehicles with under 50,000 miles can be 100% covered under the FREE Lifetime BG Protection Plan® with the purchase of any BG service. And yes, you read that right. Free!   

Another important step is to maintain your lifetime coverage. Make sure you adhere to the service intervals. To stay covered, just return to a BG Shop for another BG service before the service interval ends.

So, really, the process looks like this:

  • Step 1: Get a BG service.
  • Step 2: Get another BG service within the outlined service interval.

And that’s all it takes to get free coverage with the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®!

See if your vehicle qualifies for a protection plan by heading over to our programs page for more info. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me!

Mary Augustine, BG Customer Retention ManagerBy Mary Augustine
BG Customer Retention Manager

Mary has 25 years’ experience in the customer service industry. She manages all customer retention programs such as the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®, BG On The Road® roadside assistance, and BG Pre-owned Vehicle Protection.

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