Questions with Casey: What’s the difference between BG 44K® and BG Platinum® 44K®?

BG 44K® has been one of our flagship products for nearly four decades. But, engines have changed a lot over the years. 

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines deliver unparalleled power, performance, and fuel economy. What comes with that, however, is a tendency to build carbon deposits rapidly.

Not sure if your car has a GDI engine or not?

Chances are, if you’ve bought a car in the last five to ten years, you’re driving a GDI vehicle. 

Don’t worry, we have the solution for you: BG Platinum® 44K®.

This newly reformulated fuel system cleaner has advanced-blended chemistry designed to address carbon deposits in today’s fuel systems. It offers the most comprehensive cleaning of the fuel system available on the market. 

The difference?

  • Better cleaning 
  • Lower emissions 
  • Better fuel economy 
  • Better overall performance 
  • A vehicle that’s safe and fun to drive

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Casey Greseth, BG Field Trainer

By Casey Greseth
BG Field Trainer
Casey is a field trainer, instructor, and general sales manager for BG Products. He has specialized in fixed ops consultation, technician and service advisor training, and route sales management for over ten years.

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