Questions With Casey: Where Can I Buy BG Products?

Casey Greseth answers another frequently asked question about BG products. Watch the video or read the transcript below for the answer.

It’s not as simple as just pointing you to our website.

BG manufacturers professional use products and equipment that are only available to licensed repair facilities.

In fact, as a BG Field Trainer, I spend a great deal of my time training technicians on how to properly administer our products and perform our services. 

There are only a few of our products that can even be administered without specialized equipment, like the “Power Three” for instance. 

It’s pretty easy to find our products online. But, we’re a business to business company, meaning we don’t sell on sites like Amazon or eBay. 

We can’t vouch for the quality or validity of products found on those types of sites. And, as a do-it-yourselfer, you won’t qualify for our Lifetime BG Protection Plan®. 

Maybe, at this point, you’re feeling a little deflated. Maybe, you were just hoping for a link? But, BG trainers like myself have worked with technicians in more than 22,000 shops nationwide. These technicians are specially certified to administer our products and services on vehicles just like yours. 

To find a licensed BG repair facility near you, visit

Casey Greseth, BG Field Trainer

By Casey Greseth
BG Field Trainer
Casey is a field trainer, instructor, and general sales manager for BG Products. He has specialized in fixed ops consultation, technician and service advisor training, and route sales management for over ten years.

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