What Your Teen Driver Should Keep in Their Car

It’s that time of year again! Student drivers are back on the road in swarms. And it’s time for parents to worry about their teens getting where they need to be safe and sound. To mitigate that worry, equip them with items to carry in their car which might be helpful in a pinch:

These are essentials for obvious reasons, but make sure they never leave without their license and a copy of their vehicle’s registration in their wallet and their glove compartment.

Make sure it’s in the glove compartment, and they know how to access it if they get pulled over.

Emergency kit, including anything that might come in handy when you least expect it:

  1. Flashlight
  2. First-aid kit
  3. Multi-tool
  4. Fire extinguisher
  5. Duct tape
  6. Blanket/warm clothing
  7. Flare

In case their car battery dies (which happens to the best of us) or they need to jump someone else’s car, they will need jumper cables. They also need to be taught how to jump a car.

Get them a separate charger that lives in their vehicle. It’s important to always have a charged phone in case something goes wrong, but also because so many of us rely on GPS services to get us where we need to go. 

Just in case something does happen, make sure there’s something to eat and drink if they get stuck, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Make sure your teenager knows how to check their tire pressure and how to recognize any warning signs their car gives them about a low tire.

It’s important your teen knows how to change a tire in case of an emergency. Make sure they always have one in the trunk, alongside a car jack and a lug wrench. You can also buy premade tire-changing kits.

Be prepared for unexpected rainy days.

It’s wise to always have a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle for driving on exceptionally bright days that might impair road visibility.



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