BG Guide for Summer Powersports

Summer is here! Time to get out and ride those motorcycles, quads and jet skis. You’ve waited all winter for the adventure to begin. The only thing between you and freedom is a quick tune-up to de-winterize your ride. Follow my guide for quick and effective maintenance with BG.

Step 1. Freshen the fuel system

Gasoline engines are broadly used in recreational vehicles due to versatility and simplicity. From 2-stroke weedeaters to large V-twin Harleys, gasoline powers much of our summer activities.

To prevent downtime and ensure functionality, you need to protect the fuel against ethanol-related issues

Preventing these issues is especially important in small displacement engines (under 250cc) as these engines are not rated for ethanol use. Most people don’t know about the damage ethanol does when they use regular pump gas.

BG Supercharge® II and BG CF5® are great choices for cleaning up carbon deposits and preventing corrosion. Simply add them to the vehicle’s fuel tank or mix them in a 5-gallon fuel jug for later use. These products will stabilize fuel for long-term storage as well, like say, over the winter.

Step 2. Clean the engine

If you’re looking to use a 4-stroke engine, there are several ways to improve it from the bottom up (commonly known as the oil side).

Most recreational and off-road vehicles use pistons and piston rings just like your “daily driver.” Use BG EPR® at your next oil change to restore compression. It removes deposits on piston ring landings and crevasses.

To use, just add BG EPR® to the old oil, allow the vehicle to run at idle for 15 minutes and drain out the old oil. It’s as simple as that. BG EPR® also aids in the removal of crankcase deposits, or sludge, which means maximum performance from even the smallest of motors!

Step 3. Power-up the oil

During the oil change, add an oil fortifier to the new oil to ensure greater protection and performance in the extreme summer heat. BG Engine Performance Concentrate is a product specifically designed to fortify engine oil in performance vehicles. It’s especially effective at enhancing the performance of wet clutch UTVs and motorcycles.

But what if you don’t have time to do a BG service yourself?
Several motorcycle service providers carry the BG product line and can take care of that basic tune-up for you. Using these providers may also qualify your motorcycle for up to $1,000 in coverage under the BG Protection Plan for Motorcycles!

Summer just isn’t the same without my motorcycle. Nothing beats a full tank of gas and the wind in my face. Ride on.

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