Discover a Fountain of Youth for Your Car

BG products and services are like a “Fountain of Youth” for your car!

Worse for the Wear
Just as people need to have their systems checked and maintained as they grow older, so do cars. During the regular use of your vehicle, the fluids that protect critical components wear out, causing unneeded corrosion and damage. Harmful deposits like carbon, scale and rust sneak in and steal the vitality and life from your vehicle, as well as the extra cash from your wallet. Even new cars accumulate deposits, eventually affecting their performance and overall longevity.

Putting the Brakes On Aging
From the engine to the transaxle–your fuel system, cooling, power steering, brakes and drive line depend on professional cleaning and maintenance. Automotive professionals use our award-winning tools and industry-leading chemistry products to thoroughly clean and condition the systems of your car. When you frequent a shop that features BG brand products and services, you can be confident that you’re going to maintain the youthful “zip” in your car.

Don’t Be Fooled by Imitations
Not all scheduled maintenance providers are the same. Standing behind years of research and experience in the automotive marketplace, BG offers vehicle owners a Lifetime BG Protection Plan® with qualifying services. Just one more reason to find a shop with BG today!

Discover the fountain of youth for your car

Discover the Fountain of Youth
To learn more about how BG can restore your car’s youthful drive, check out all the BG Automotive Maintenance Services.

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