Every School District Fleet Vehicle Treated With BG Products

The BG Products line of chemicals used in our fleet here at the School District has helped maintain vehicles that are as old as 30 years. The District maintains a fleet of 190 vehicles of various classifications from school buses, dump trucks to flat beds, pickups and cars. Every piece of equipment gets treated with several different BG products, depending on the type of engine (gas vs. diesel) and time of year it is. The most common ones are 44K®, MOA®, 244, DOC and DFC.

In the last 2 years since starting to use the 244 in our fuel systems and fuel filters, it has dramatically reduced our opacity emissions on our diesel power equipment by 10 to 20%. During the winter months for the past 5 to 10 years, we have treated our diesel fleet with BG DFC Plus along with their fuel drier chemicals two to three days prior to a real cold snap (0 degrees F to -20 degrees F). We have not experienced any loss of service or school delays due to having the diesel fuel gel up. With some vehicles over 25 years of age with 250,000 miles plus, (primarily school buses), I have yet to experience a major catastrophe on an engine or transmission. We have gotten 180,000 + miles between overhauls on our Allison 540 & 640 series transmissions here at the District.

In the past six years, we have experienced three engines with coolant contamination in our oil samples. The three coolant contaminations were due to a head gasket leak on one of the buses and linear seal rings leaking on the other two buses. Upon inspection of the rod and main bearings along with the crankshaft, all were in very good to excellent shape, showing no sign of deterioration on the bearings or crankshaft due to the contamination. All three buses were 20 years or older with 200,000+ miles on them.

The mileage and condition of our engines and transmissions are due in part to using either MOA® or DOC in our engine oil and the transmission oil conditioner in our transmission fluid. The BG line of products, along with our rigorous preventive maintenance schedule, is why we are still running equipment today at the District that is 30 years old with no major component failures. That is why I would professionally recommend any BG product they have to offer; depending on your individual fleet needs.

Fleet Manager
Weld County School, District 6
Greeley, Colorado

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