Satisfied Customer Recommends BG to Everyone

I have used BG 44K  fuel system cleaner for over 30 years, in over dozen family vehicles. Last week I had my 2005 Ford E-150 fuel system serviced For the first time. I told them it was the first time and the tech said its really going to smoke out the tailpipe A LOT! Well he was surprised that NO smoke came out at all! Well I was not because I have been using BG 44K every 25K to 30K miles!

A neighbor was having trouble with her Toyota running poorly around town and lower MPG. She was about to take it in to a repair shop. Well she had her BG fuel system cleaning, and a week later she could NOT believe the difference. Her performance and mileage was back to normal. Over the the many years I have been recommending BG 44K to friends, neighbors and strangers with car issues.


Cedar Park, Texas

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