Be Ready with the BG Summer Car Care Program

Before you hit the pool, make sure your vehicle is ready with the BG Summer Car Care program! The BG Summer Car Care program packages four BG services—Fuel, Climate, Cooling, and Transmission—that prepare your vehicle for the blazing summer heat.

clean, serviced vehicle sitting in the summer sand on a beach.
Just like double-checking that the house is in order before a vacation, preparing your vehicle for an upcoming family road trip is equally important. You’ll walk away with peace of mind, knowing everything from the engine to the A/C is checked off the list.
  • BG Gasoline Fuel Service: Keep your engine healthy to restore fuel mileage. The fuel service cleans the entire fuel system and the air intake to establish a healthy flow of fuel and air at all times and in all weather.
  • BG Climate Control Service: Nobody likes being in a hot, smelly car when it’s 90 degrees outside. The climate control service will prevent that, cleaning and disinfecting air vents to keep your A/C system efficient and clean.
  • BG Cooling System Service: You aren’t the only thing that needs to be kept cool in your car. It’s also important that your engine doesn’t overheat. Your car’s cooling system is responsible for keeping your engine at optimal operating temperatures, which makes maintaining it very important for engine health and longevity.
  • BG Transmission Service: Your transmission is the second most expensive vehicle system to replace after your engine. It runs hotter during the summer, causing transmission fluid to break down, affecting how smoothly your car shifts gears. Getting your transmission serviced produces a safe and peaceful ride.
The Summer Care Care program bundles services that keep you comfortable and your vehicle ready for the coming summer months. Be ready with BG and add Summer Car Care to your summer checklist! Use the BG shop locator to plan your next BG service.

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