Why You Shouldn’t Skip Brake Services

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The Problem

The brake service is possibly the most neglected service but arguably the most important. Vehicle owners are keeping their cars longer. Today’s average vehicle on the road is 12 years old with 125,000 miles (source: S&P Global Mobility). That means more brakes across the board have endured more wear and tear, which puts people at risk.

When you get a brake service, it usually involves replacing pads and/or rotors. However, it’s equally important to make sure your brake fluid is getting replaced. Over time, brake fluid wears down and becomes dirty with rust and water condensation. Dirty fluid can cause a spongy brake pedal and even loss of functionality.

Think of it like changing out the filter in your coffee pot but not emptying the old, stagnant coffee leftover from the morning before. It doesn’t make any sense!

Brake Fluid Before and After

When it’s time to get your brakes/rotors replaced, make sure to ask for a brake fluid service as well. That way, you don’t have to come back for brake problems in the future, and with brakes, there’s really no concept of “too late.” It only takes one time of your brakes not performing as expected for something irreversible to happen.

The Opportunity

Educate yourself on how to tell if your brake fluid needs replacing. This article outlines the warning signs in depth.

If you’re unsure what condition it’s in, it’s time to check your brake fluid. If you’re up for it, learning how to check if your brake fluid is maintained properly isn’t incredibly difficult. For most vehicles, the reservoir is located under the hood. You can consult your owner’s manual for help identifying it.

Brake Fluid Reservoir

The “minimum” and “maximum” lines on the side of the reservoir will tell you if the fluid is at the correct level. However, it might be harder to tell whether the fluid is dirty, as brake fluid starts off brown in color. If it’s a very dark brown, then it is probably dirty.

If you’re intimidated, you can always have them check at the shop.

The Solution

Find a BG Service Shop with the BG Find a Shop Locator. Once you’ve found a shop that provides BG services, you can ask to pair the BG Brake Service whenever you replace your pads/rotors or anytime you think your brake fluid needs replacing.

Without new brake fluid, your brand-new pads/rotors will experience immediate wear and tear. Doing both services at once is more efficient and keeps your brand-new pads/rotors in better condition for longer, and vice versa.

Investing in the BG Brake Service also earns you eligibility for the Lifetime BG Protection Plan®, which covers up to $2,000 of brake parts for all your future needs.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Know how to notice if you need your brake fluid changed. If you’re unsure how to do it yourself, you can always bring it into the shop to get it checked. 
  2. Find a BG Service Shop if you want them to check your brake fluid or when you need to replace your brake pads and/or rotors. You can ask for the BG Brake Service when the opportunity arises, which includes removing the old, rusty fluid and replacing it with brand new fluid with additives that prevent corrosion in the future.
  3. Take advantage of Lifetime BG Protection Plan® eligibility when getting a BG Brake Service, and leave knowing you’re covered for up to $4,000 if brake components fail in the future. BG, Your Partner Beyond Products.

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