Why Automatic Transmission Maintenance is a Must

In today’s fast-paced world, our cars are becoming smarter with automatic transmissions featuring 8, 9, and even 10 speeds. While modern car transmissions offer benefits like improved fuel efficiency, they also bring new challenges, making it essential to understand how proper fluid maintenance plays a key role in keeping your car running smoothly.

The transmission, otherwise known as the gearbox, houses all of the gears that control the speed and power distribution between the engine and wheels of the vehicle. Unlike a manual transmission, where the driver manually selects the gears, an automatic transmission relies more on hydraulic power to engage parts of the transmission to switch gears.

The hydraulic fluid that transmissions use is known as automatic transmission fluid (ATF), which is responsible for lubricating gears, keeping the transmission cool, and creating hydraulic pressure to serve as a medium for activating and controlling systems in the transmission.

More Gears in Modern Car Transmissions, More TLC

Modern car transmissions are designed with more gears to boost fuel efficiency. However, these extra gears also mean more care is needed. To avoid unexpected issues, it’s crucial to provide meticulous maintenance, preventing premature wear and tear. Dealerships and auto shops recommend staying proactive with fluid checks to ensure your ride stays reliable.

Cost-Effective Care

Fixing or replacing modern car transmissions can be pricey, and they weren’t cheap to begin with. The technology that makes your drive smoother and more fuel efficient also means repairs could cost you big bucks. Save yourself from costly fixes by investing in regular transmission fluid maintenance. It’s a smart move that can save you money in the long run.

Temperature Tricks

Some modern car transmissions use thermostats to regulate fluid temperature, keeping it warmer than before. While this enhances performance, it also wears down the transmission fluid quicker. To keep things running smoothly, be mindful of checking and changing your transmission fluid regularly.

Thinner Fluids for Better Performance

Even though high-gear transmissions run hotter, they use thinner fluids for better fuel efficiency and performance. However, these thinner fluids break down faster, emphasizing the need for diligent fluid maintenance. Stay on top of things by inspecting and replacing transmission fluids on time.

Accessible Advancements

Back in the ’90s, gearboxes only had 3–5 speeds due to technology limitations. Now, with advancements like the 10-speed transmission introduced in 2017, higher-gear transmissions are slowly becoming more common in car models. It’s important to prioritize transmission fluid services now more than ever!


As technology propels us into the future of automotive innovation, understanding the ins and outs of high-gear transmissions is vital. By prioritizing regular maintenance and staying informed, you not only enhance your vehicle’s performance and lifespan but also establish yourself as a savvy and responsible car owner in today’s dynamic automotive landscape.
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